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Cloud 9

Cloud 9

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Introducing Cloud 9, a versatile and high-quality graphic pack that includes 11 isolated clouds on transparent backgrounds and a desaturated multi-cloud PNG for use as a displacement map. With a resolution of 6000x4000, these cloud assets are perfect for various design projects, from large-format prints to web and social media graphics.

The isolated cloud PNGs are meticulously crafted, with each cloud image carefully cut out and placed on a transparent background, making them effortless to use in any design project. The included desaturated multi-cloud PNG can add depth and texture to designs, providing a realistic appearance that makes any project stand out.

Cloud 9 is perfect for website and app design, print design, photo manipulation, and motion graphics projects. With these cloud assets, designers can add a touch of realism to their work and achieve stunning visual results.

Cloud 9 is a must-have for designers looking to elevate their design projects with high-quality cloud assets. Get Cloud 9 today and add a realistic touch to your work!

What's included in this Graphic Pack:

  • 11 isolated cloud PNGs (6000x4000)
  • Desaturated multi-cloud PNG for displacement map (6000x4000)
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